Trading Central & FXStreet

Trading Central & FXStreet

As highly regarded technical analysis tools, Trading Central & FXStreet provide leading investment strategies for global investors. Whether you are a novice in forex trading or a seasoned trader, you can utilize this powerful tool on LXFX to make better decisions in your trades.

All real account clients of LXFX can use this powerful technical analysis tool for free, helping you formulate flexible investment strategies and seize every favorable trading opportunity.

  • Comprehensive financial market and technical analysis
  • Covers all popular markets
  • Suitable for all types of traders

Why Use Trading Central & FXStreet?

The powerful Trading Central & FXStreet is designed to optimize trading time and meet the diverse needs of investors, from beginners to experienced professionals. It covers mainstream financial markets, including forex, fixed income, commodities, stocks, and indices. As an LXFX client, you can use it to determine buying and selling decisions or as an auxiliary tool for your trading strategy.

Trading Central & FXStreet at LXFX caters to the needs of clients, helping you assess directional trends and make informed trading decisions.

Here are some features of Trading Central & FXStreet

In-Depth Analysis

Technical Insight

Technical Insight™ combines feasible technical analysis for almost all financial instruments to help investors optimize their trading strategies. With detailed, proactive analysis, educational guidance, and a balanced feature set with customizable options, Technical Insight allows investors of various skill levels to better control their investments.

Professional Analysis

Analyst Views

Analyst Views is the world's only financial market research solution that combines the valuable experience of advanced analysts with automated algorithms. Our patented pattern recognition technology continuously monitors markets, providing the latest analysis on over 8,000 financial instruments globally 24/7 as they reach new price levels.

Trading Ideas Anytime, Anywhere

Real-Time Communication

You can find the investment insights you need in your inbox. Various newsletters from Trading Central & FXStreet provide impartial trading ideas, contextual education, and investment confirmations, keeping you informed about market dynamics at all times.

Pattern Recognition Indicators

Alpha Generation

TC Alpha Generation supports investor decisions by providing three innovative indicators representing market psychology and assisting in identifying new trading opportunities and potential entry/exit points. These indicators overlay on cTrader charts.

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