Gold & Silver

Gold & Silver

As a relatively long-term investment product, trading and holding physical Gold & Silver have become increasingly popular among individual investors in recent years. The vast market, flexible trading methods, and simple buying and selling operations make it easy for both experienced investors and beginners in gold investment to take advantage of the product's benefits and opportunities for profit.

Spot Gold

Spot gold, also known as London Gold, is named after its origin in London. Spot gold trading is a contract-based buying and selling using the leverage principle. It is priced in "USD per ounce," and transactions are settled in USD. Since trading spot gold does not require the extraction of physical gold, it eliminates the steps of transporting, storing, inspecting, and appraising physical gold. The price difference between buying and selling is also smaller than the price difference in physical gold trading. Currently, LXFX provides you with the XAU/USD trading product.

Spot Silver

Spot silver, also known as London Silver, is a leveraged investment product traded 24 hours a day, similar to spot gold. The price of silver is mainly influenced by supply and demand, and in recent years, silver has experienced high demand, making its fundamentals strong, and the price more volatile than many other metals. Currently, LXFX provides you with the XAG/USD trading product.


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